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I’m back from holiday and raring to get back into running and routine.

I had a great time, did plenty of walking, ate loads and became a bit more confident in wearing a bikini.

Yesterday I felt fine, today my shins and calves hurt. I was meant to run around 5k today but I might skip it to be on the safe side. There’s no way I could take getting an injury.

I’ll try to walk at least 4 miles today.

I hope it gets better and doesn’t continue to be this fine line between consistency and getting injured :/

My thought process today:

What results would I get, what would my life be like if I really tried. Really made a concerted effort with my fitness, made running a real priority in my life, made treats an actual treat and less of an everyday indulgence?

I think it’s something I should try, for my own sake. I deserve to know what my body is fully capable of.

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Cool thanks for following!!
Promo time? I never do these but what the hell I’ll give it a go.
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Hey you are all awesome followers

I’ll give people until tomorrow morning after I lift so 7:30am cst



Cool thanks for following!!

Promo time? I never do these but what the hell I’ll give it a go.

-mbf me
-reblogs only, please don’t like
-unlimited until 9:30pm CST on 9/9

Hey you are all awesome followers

I’ll give people until tomorrow morning after I lift so 7:30am cst

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I’ve switched to km. Because I’m odd and like it.

I think my fastest ever 5k was around 31 minutes. So that’s the time to beat. Not a good time I’ll grant you, but we’ve all got to start somewhere!

Today I didn’t beat that. But I ran a damn sight faster than my slowest 5k (around 36mins), and I’m still chuffed I managed to even reach the 5k mark at all. So high fives all around.

I stopped a couple of times, felt a bit tight in my calves, but hoping I can fit in another 5k before I go away on Friday. I would really like to start running in the mornings too. I just pace my runs better when it’s darker and people can’t see me as much. Something else to work on I guess.


Autumn knitting has begun! 

Using Drops Alpaca and Holst Garn in peacock. 

Hoping for a chilly winter so I can get out all my knitted projects! 

This is officially my most re-blogged post ever.

And it’s about my knitting. 

And this is why I can’t weigh myself regularly.

They said I was down to 164. This morning they say I’m back to 166. Oh, and my body fat has bounced back to starting point too.

Maybe it’s period weight. Maybe I never lost any to begin with. But I’m feeling better, my clothes are fitting a bit more comfortably and that’s what I’m going to have to go on for now.

Weigh-ins only once every couple of weeks from now on. 

Keeping my mental health is more important to me than knowing how many tenths of a pound I MAY have lost.

Running + healthy food. That’s what I’m counting on to see me through.

I didn’t pace myself well, and that’s certainly the fastest 1.5 I’ve run in god knows how long.

It didn’t feel as good as yesterday’s run. I actually came home and cried, so maybe it released some pent up frustration from all my plans for this week being quashed by the bf’s family situation.

It’s a rough week when you’re alone at home for the first time in a year and PMS hits at the same time as disappointment from your bf.

A fucking rough week.

Does anyone reading this have Runkeeper/want to friend me on there? I have one friend on it and she’s used it all of 5 times. It would be nice to see some activity on there!

So, any takers?

Starting the week and September well!

I was feeling a bit down on myself for not managing 3, but then again, last month I skipped the 2.5 milestone altogether, and I really need to not overdo it and get injured.

The 10mins after the first 5 (aka. mins 6-15) usually feel tough. Today they were actually feeling a bit more enjoyable. My breathing was easier, it didn’t feel like such a struggle, I even took a bit of an uphill detour in my stride.

After today I’m feeling confident I’ll be able to beat my previous best of 4.1 miles (November 2012!) by the end of the month easily. I don’t think aiming for 5 miles by the end of September would be pushing it and that makes me ecstatic!

Dist: 2.52mi
Time: 25mins 52secs

I went out at my favourite run time - post dinner, vaguely dark, a bit cooler - 9pm. I wore my Nike capris which I never wear cos I feel too self conscious of my hefty thighs in them, but hey, it was dark.

After my last run of 10 minutes of hell, this was amazing. It wasn’t easy and I stopped a couple of times (I can still feel the hint of a stitch). I had to keep pulling up my trousers until I got sweaty enough that they stayed in place - thanks Nike! But it was fun!

I’m so glad things are picking up again. The most I’ve ever run was 4.11 miles. I’m one mile off and it’s now my goal to beat that in September.

Dist: 3.12mi
Time: 32mins 38secs

This was a shitty run. It rained all day Monday so I couldn’t do my scheduled run, so I went today in the daytime. 

I prefer running when it’s dark. Winter should be great for my running in theory.

I ran a bit too fast, too near the 10min/mi mark (aka. fairly fast for me), there were lots of people out and I always find that makes me even hotter and more flustered.

Anyway, my lungs crapped out, I was sweating buckets and it wasn’t fun. AT ALL. I go through these spates of crap runs. Not long ago I could run 20mins nonstop. Now 10mins is challenging. WTF body?

GAH. I’ll just keep persevering until I my body sorts itself out again. I shall not be defeated!

Dist: 1mi
Time: 10mins 5secs