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26 year old London girl attempting to get fitter and feel amazing.
Used to be a chubby kid, recovered from eating disorder and now aiming for PRs and mileage.
Running, yoga, pilates, weights + tea, funny animals, crap TV, languages & nature.

Wednesday: 30mins Pilates, some wall-sits, some ab stuff
Thursday: Leg day: freehand jump squats, plie dumbbell squats, clean, barbell split side squat, leg extensions, lying leg curls, dumbbell calf raise and 20mins on elliptical.

God was I sweaty after yesterday’s workout. And I was meant to do either cardio or some full body weights today but I am in pain. As in, I can just about go to the loo pain.

So I’m giving myself a bit of a break. I might manage to go on a little run with the bf over the weekend, or use his heavy bag a bit.

This week will be 5/7 in terms of workouts. Not bad for week 1. Hoping my body gets used to this regime by next week so I’ll be able to do all of it without being crippled!


High Performance Mentality: Ronda Rousey training with Leo Frincu

Ronda Rousey is just amazing. It’s like oh, has the fight started? Yup - and it’s already finished. 

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I started my new, more lifting-centered plan yesterday.

Monday: 30mins cycling (pretty easy); 10mins run - roped the bf into exercising with me.
Tuesday: Upper body: Push ups, side lateral raise, dumbbell bench press, tricep kickbacks, seated cable rows, alternate hammer curls, hyperextensions, air bike and finished off with 20mins elliptical.

I came home, had a little protein shake with water and some milk (yummy btw), some fruit and feeling pretty hopeful that if I stick with this I’ll start feeling amazing about myself within a few weeks. 

If not, at least I’ll be stronger!

As of Monday I am officially starting a plan that revolves around lifting.

It’ll still only be lifting 3 days a week to start with, a bit of cardio which will either be elliptical in the gym or running outside a couple of days a week.

Hopefully this will make me feel better about my body, stronger and less prone to overdoing it and coming dangerously close to old eating disordered habits!

It’s hot in London. Fucking hot. And not in a nice, yay it’s summer kind of way. 

In a weirdly hazy, overcast, muggy, humid, let’s get on a bus and boil to death in each others heat kind of way. God help the people who have to get on the tube. I feel for them. Thank fuck there’s a bit of wind at the moment. 

I’m a cooler weather person. And most people find that weird. I like the sun, I like being warm, but I don’t like it all the time and I don’t like when there’s no escape. I’m so grateful I don’t work in an office or have to commute.

I like knitting and tea. My Scandinavian blood means I get warm after walking about a mile, even if it’s really cold out (came in handy living in Russia!). Grr.

Haven’t done any running, did 1 session of weights and I don’t even care. No exercise for me!

I like autumn. It’s my favourite season. Crunchy leaves, that crisp chill in the air, knitting chunky jumpers…

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I know I need both, and I enjoy both. It’s just every time I start thinking about following a running plan to increase distance the eating disordered part of my brain seems to kick in. 

It starts making me think about how much weight I can lose a week, how tough I’ll have to be on myself to follow every single workout.

I don’t want things to be like that. And to top it off, I’m not sure my weird knee would be up to it, and I sure as hell don’t want to hurt myself. 

So I’m contemplating whether to just shell out for gym membership. It’s not too expensive. They have proper weights (not like the crappy, no heavier than 4kg ones my current ‘gym’ has), machines, classes and best of all - the POOL.

I DO want to lose weight. But I want to be healthy and strong. I don’t want to force myself to run x miles a week to feel good about myself. 

I could still run once or twice a week and actually enjoy it.

I know that lots of people get good results and feel great about themselves from lifting as opposed to doing loads of cardio. Now I just have to convince my brain.

It seems to be getting a bit easier to get myself out the door. I’m not so worried about going bright red and sweating and having people see me. Partly because I’m starting to not care, partly because I’ve gotten a little bit better, so don’t sound quite so much like Darth Vader. 

Today wasn’t as good as Monday. I didn’t feel as carefree or able to keep pushing. So I had a little breather and carried on. Not too shabby though.

Dist: 2mi
Time: 21mins 26secs

I’m hoping this will work for me

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Part of the reason why I decided to start running was so that when I travel to beautiful places like this I’ll be able to get out there and explore in a way I never would otherwise.

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I was so close to not running today. I was knackered from not sleeping well, but I thought maybe I would sleep even better tonight if I went for a run.

I’m glad I did.

Whereas last run was 5 minutes of torture, this run was pretty good. I felt my lungs struggling a bit, but not half as much as they have done up till now. PROGRESS!

I ran 20mins, had a short break, 5 minutes then a break and the final 3.

Dist: 2.65mi
Time: 28mins 02 secs

Soon I’ll be at the point where I’ll be confident enough to go further afield on my runs and get away from my boring side streets!

Well that was a fail. I got up early after an awful night’s sleep and decided to go for a run since it was cooler.

Turns out it was weirdly humid/muggy. I made it 5 minutes before my period cramps struck me down. 

Not fun.

On the plus side: I went out, I got up early and will get more work done and my knee isn’t hurting.


My knee has been ok for the past couple of days so I decided to run. It was tough but better than I’d hoped.

I stopped a couple of times, figured it was more important to cover the distance than to do less without stopping. 

I’m re-learning to push myself as much as possible. I wanted to stop at 12mins, 20mins, 25mins…but I kept pushing. I’m so pleased I managed it. It’s been a damned long time since I managed this distance. I just hope my knee can keep up!

Dist: 3.12mi
Time: 32mins 38secs

I NEED a red dress like this for autumn/Christmas/every damned day.